North Florida Crafts Vending Opps

CellphoneBags-71-CopyNorth Florida Crafts Vending opportunities may seem few and far between as there is no real resource for us to get that information. We have joined the No White Tent forum to find new opportunities for us crafts vendors but their is mostly events listed in the southern part of the state. Since we have been in the St. Augustine, Florida area for the last several months we have been collecting information about this area and places where craft vendors can go. Some of these are listed below and include information about the application process, what they are looking for and whom to contact. We hope you will find this information useful and if you know of any more in the North Florida area please post a comment below so we can add them to our listing.

Colee Cove Art & Craft Fair
Em’z Outdoor Store
8430-2 County Road 13 N
St Augustine, FL 32092
(904) 679-4755
They will be holding the event every month (unless otherwise notified) on the 4th Saturday. All items being sold must be handmade. Currently they are not charging for a vendor space but they may in the future. If you would like to be a vendor then visit their Facebook page and message the admin with your name, contact info, a description of your items with a couple of pictures. Also, right now they do not require any kind of licensing or business tax receipts but it is always a good idea to have your Florida Sales Tax Certificate and your business tax receipt from St. Johns County handy. Continue reading “North Florida Crafts Vending Opps”

Shops on Wheels

Holidayhouse6Shops on Wheels has been a new promotional tool for us hand craft artists to sell our wares at craft shows, festivals and flea markets. We have a page that discusses our plans for turning a Holiday House Travel Trailer into a mobile retail shop to house all of our handcrafted items we create and to sell from at Florida festivals, crafts shows and farmer’s markets. Please check out our information page at:

We have created a forum discussion board ( ) to gather information from those who already have vintage travel trailers and have converted them into mobile retail shops and those who would like to. Because our vintage travel trailer idea is fairly unique and there are only about 10 or so left we have been looking for a vintage travel trailer replica manufacturer to create one for us. Most vintage trailer enthusiasts and renovators insists that these old-timers be brought back to their original design and used as campers. Continue reading “Shops on Wheels”

Crafting Mysteries

SkeinOfTheCrimeCrafting mysteries. Are we talking about crafts that are mysterious? Or are we talking about mysteries that features some kind of crafting person as a hero/heroine? The later I think. I don’t know of any mysterious crafts but I have read a couple of good mystery series that involved craft type persons. You have your Quilting Mystery Series, your Crocheting Mystery Series, Your Knitting Mystery Series and Your Weaving Mystery Series. You even have the generic Needlecraft Mystery Series all available in your local libraries and, of course, on Amazon. Since this is the first week of the new year we thought we would do a FUN post about one of our other favorite past times, mystery novel reading. And what better way to share that with all our fellow crafting people is to compile a listing of some of the more prevalent or should I say prominent mystery series that involves some kind of crafting activity. We have added a Crafting Mystery Series section to our SWC AStore page so that you can purchase the ones that you find interesting.

Here is a listing of some of the most popular ones we have found so far:

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Holiday Crafting

DecHoliday1Holidays are the perfect time to hone your crafting skills. There is so much you can create during this time for your home, your family and your friends and include them in the making as well. Involving your family in making decorations and gifts can be a fun activity for everyone. Teaching your children how to make things themselves encourages their creativity, gives them a sense of accomplishment and get them into the “Spirit” of the season as well. Just like teaching them how to cook different things helps them be able to feed themselves getting them to start making their own decorations is a great tradition to start.

Of course, you can find all kinds of ideas for Holiday crafts on the internet, in books and even get ideas from your parents and grandparents that can be passed down the generations. There are lots of magazines with information on making your own decorations and gifts too. You can get them from the library even. It is not too late to start as we still have a couple of weeks before the BIG DAY! So make an inventory of what you have around the house, pick out a couple of crafting projects that you would like to do and get started…..
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Fall is Coming Soon

BeadedAnklets (3)Fall is coming soon, FINALLY! We cannot wait for the cooler temperatures and hopefully we will be able to keep our blogs updated and, maybe, even make some more craft items we can sell. We love to create our craft items but they don’t always sell. Mom and I spend quite a lot of time figuring out what we want to make, how we want it to look, the colors of each item and starting over when they don’t turn out like we want. All this time and energy spent on these items and we cannot charge for our time when computing our selling price. They would end up being too costly for our customers. Yes, they are handcrafted and, yes, we should get paid for our time; but, we have found that you have to compromise on our selling price in order to actually make sales. At the Florida Folk Festival we had one lady state that she couldn’t believe how low our prices were and how could we make a profit. Even with these low prices we only made just enough money to cover our expenses.
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