Plan Your Vendor Ops 2017

Now is the time to plan our your craft vending opportunities for the coming year. 2017 can be your best year ever if you are able to plan which events you want to participate in, application deadlines, costs, etc. We are still in the process of gathering information about all the North Florida Craft Vending events happening in the coming months to post them here on our calendar as well as participating in some of them. I like the printed calender myself so that I can write down the information in the blocks and have a visual reminder of when the events are happening. It also helps you to plan out your costs in the coming months. Finally, depending on the number of participants in the previous years it may help you to figure out how much inventory to have on hand.

This type of planning may allow you to plan out your creation schedule as well. I know most of us just like to create things we the mood strikes but sometimes it’s nice to be able to see when you may need to create more of the different types of items you sell and when. Now that the year is coming to an end it is also time to take a physical inventory. Again, I like using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my inventory. I can sort the listing in a wide variety of ways such as by type of items like necklaces, bracelets, wrist warmers, and the like. I have a column listing where each item listed online for sale so that I can sort the spreadsheet by that as well. Most of the online stores like Etsy and Amazon allows you to download your inventory but Handmade Artists does not. So it was just easier for us to keep track of things ourselves.

Till next time. Please keep sending in information about upcoming North Florida craft vending events for 2017.



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Marketing Tips for Handcraft Artists

Crew Neck T-Shirt
Crew Neck T-Shirt
Marketing tips for handcraft artists can include some free items as well as paying for advertising on various online sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and even Twitter Ads. There are many ways for you to get more people to notice your businesses and like anything else in life it takes time, perseverance and patience.

One of the simplest ways to get your handcrafts notice is to create a website/blog and start posting pictures and writing articles about your items, how you make them, where you get your supplies from and where you get your inspiration. You can get a simple website/blog for free with and There are others out there that can give you a free website/blog but these two I have used in the past and still use today.
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Mobile Shop Fundraiser Final Update

3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt
3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt
Sadly, we only made one sale on our previous T-Shirt fundraising campaign and we have decided to try it again with a new one. BonfireFund has changed their format and now includes more T-Shirt style varieties as well as the ability to offer at least 5 different colors for each of these styles. We have updated our Mobile Shop page with the new links and pictures as well. Below you will find a picture gallery of the available T-Shirt Styles, Sizing charts, prices and color choices.

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SFFCCSP Festival of Lights

sffccspfestivaloflightsWe have heard about a possible craft vendors opportunity during the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park’s Festival of Lights in December. We wanted to tell everyone about it so that you could contact the park’s Gift Shop Manager about setting up a tent in the craft village for the month or even better if you have a cute little “Shop on Wheels” they may let you set up there. We spoke to the previous manager about it when we were volunteering there year before last. They did have two vendors set up on the sidewalk outside the gift shop main entrance last year. This event draws literally thousands and thousands of people from as far away as South Florida and North Georgia every single year.
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Watch For Scam Artists

mailbox-2This week we received an email from someone claiming they wanted to order some of our products and asked if we accept “Mastercard/Visa” payments and would be willing to ship to the Netherlands. This turned out to be a scam email and we have since marked each request as spam. We answered the initial email as it came through our CONTACT US form and stated that we would be shipping through the U.S. Postal Service and payments were processed through Paypal. We received a reply asking for an estimate of charges for multiples of items not only listed in our Custom Order pages available on this website but multiples of orders we have listed on Etsy. As a handcraft artist I was very excited to be asked for such a large order and started looking for the materials needed to complete the orders and the costs to make so many of the items requested.
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