A Word About Craftshows

We have tried selling our hand crafted goods at Flea Markets and even at our own Yardsales on weekends and we have had a little bit of success but we are continually being told we need to try one of the craft fairs that are being held every month somewhere near us. There are some major organizers of craft fairs all over the place. In Florida, we have the Bucklers Craft Fair Organizers who organize a major crafts show in all the major cities throughout the year. They require an application fee and for each of the shows you have to pay a booth fee around $200 or more per weekend. In the meantime you will also need your own tables, table cloths, lighting and the ability to accept credit cards.

We are also looking at local craft shows but they are few and far between. They also seem to want an application fee, pictures of your setup and merchandise offered as well as a booth fee for the weekend. If you don’t want to pay for a membership with a Arts and Crafts Informational Website you will need to check your local newspaper or cities website for upcoming events. Yes, check out their application process and leave plenty of time for the process the organizers require and the time of the actual event. Most of the shows are planned at least a year in advance and that should give you some time to research the event’s track record, the number of attendees, etc. As with anything you will need to do your research and plan out where, when, and how things will happen so that you might be able to actually sell your merchandise.