All About Pumpkin

HoodedScarves060416 (19)All about pumpkin to me means the month of October is filled with the color of orange and the weather is finally cooling off here in Florida. My favorite holiday, Halloween, is coming at the end of the month and the leaves are turning. Yes, even in Florida our leaves turn. Well at least those trees that are not evergreens anyway. October also brings more festivals, farmers markets, craft shows, and more visitors with the “snow birds” coming down.

October also inspires many of us to get more creative than at most any time of the year. The deep rich colors of our yarn, beads, or whatever material you work in just gives us a thrill to be immersed in and allows us to produce some great products to sell, gift or give-away. We may not have the cold snaps like up north that allows us to put on our snuggly, warm hooded scarves, fingerless gloves and crocheted or knitted afghans but we can ship them to those who need them.

What inspires you to be creative? I hope my fellow crafters will take the time and write a comment below, contact me using our CONTACT US form, write on our Facebook page or even our Google Plus Page and let us know.

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