Alternative Promotions

Alternative promotions for selling your handcrafted items can be hard to find. But if you want to sell your handmade creations you have to try a few different methods and places to get the job done. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it really doesn’t have to cost all that much money. We have tried Ebay but they have too many fees and there are just too many sellers online. Not to mention all the scam artists out there.

We are still using They have some great information and tutorials for sellers. They also have some pretty good tools you can use to promote your online store as well. But they do charge $.20 per item to list and you have to relist and repay every 4 months. And they take a percentage of sales as well. Etsy also charges “per click” advertising fees to promote your items above those who can’t afford or don’t want to pay those additional fees. It works very similar to Google Ads. Where you set a daily budget and using the keywords from your descriptions they charge per click. Once you reach your daily limit the ads stop showing until the next day. But you have to weed out the key words or you will reach your limit within the first hour when they include single words like a color or type of material used. And they do have great analysis features to let you know where your viewers are coming from. So, if you use their website scripts on your own website, posts and Facebook pages then you know where they are coming from. Finally, you can receive your payments either directly into your PAYPAL account or checking account. These are all great points, however, Etsy has grown so big and is international that it is very difficult to make sales. And don’t even get me started on the relisting fees.

In the past we have used but they turned off their website and are doing other things these days. We made a few sales from them. We have even tried but they have closed down their selling market and have gone to a strictly mobile app for swapping items instead of selling. Finally, we found a site called Handmade Artists Shops. They have a similar website like but they do not charge to list any items and they do not charge any fees when you sell anything either. They do charge a flat fee of $5 per month or $50 per year. In exchange, you can list as many handcrafted items you like (some are subject to approval); they list your product automatically to Google Products, feature artists on their blog and have forum to share ideas, questions, problems and promotions from the artists stores. They only have PAYPAL processing right now for both sellers and buyers. They have a website script available to showcase your items on other websites and posts. And are working on getting a FACEBOOK page interface going so you can sell directly from your Facebook page. You still have to promote your items on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Remember, they only allow items for sale that are handmade but they can be either finished products or supplies for crafters. They encourage you to promote your website, your blog, your Facebook page, and even your Twitter Page. All the artists are encouraged to post to the forums, Like each others Facebook pages, follow each other on Twitter and give helpful advice along the way. They are not as big as Etsy or Ebay but then again that is a good thing. And, the buyers are going to a Handmade Online Store and expect and want handcrafted items.