Working on Crafts in Small Spaces

Working on your crafts requires space as well as time. While we are traveling around the Florida in our RV we have had to more creative than usual about how, when and where we do them. My mom is the crochet person and she can sit on the little couch while watching TV and do her crocheting. The problem comes with storage of her supplies and the finished products after they are made. I make bead and wire jewelry I have to do on the bed in the back of the RV. Again, the challenge is where to store the supplies and my finished products. There is not a lot of room for three women, their clothes, food, and other stuff let along our crafting supplies. We have had to compromise on where we keep our things and are trying to develop good habits of putting everything back where it belongs when we are done for the day. We use a lot of hard, square plastic bins and boxes to store things. Our crafting materials are stored inside our RV while our finished products have to be stored inside our minivan.
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Your Senses Will Guide You

I don’t know about you but when I look at things to buy for myself or materials to create crafts I usually look, feel and smell different materials. You senses will usually decide if you love what you buy or what you are creating. Let’s face it if something does not feel right in your hands, look nice to your eyes or even smells off you will probably not buy it or want to use it to create something else. For instance, I love the feel of satin materials and most if not all have great “eye” appeal. They are heck to work with because they have a tendency to ravel when they are cut or wrinkle if not handled properly. I love the feel of real silk material but depending on how they are processed may smell a little off even brand new material. I work with different kinds of beads in my jewelry making crafts. The beads, no matter what they are made of, have to feel right in my hands and be “eye-catching”. You can get inspired by the things you like to see, feel and smell.
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Where to Get Crafting Materials

We all have our favorite places to shop. Some of those may be better at supplying certain materials than others. For instance, we usually go to our local Walmarts for yarn because our local store has a nice choice of our favorite sports yarn in a variety of colors. They still have a nice choice of fabrics and have a whole display of Fat Quarters for those who enjoy quilting. Be warned however, Continue reading “Where to Get Crafting Materials”

We Have More Stuff

We have been working our little fingers to the bone and have posted our creations to our main store at: . To reach a wider audience we have posted some of our creations to our ETSY store, ETSY charges $0.20 per item every 4 months to sell your goods. Both Yardsellr and Copius requires you to join to buy and sell on their website. They act as a kind of gatekeeper between buyers and sellers. But as with any online buying and selling situation you may have problems of one kind or another. They handle the money between buyers and sellers. And sellers do not get their money until the buyer has received their goods or some kind of proof it has been sent such as posting a postal tracking number. We have found that is the easiest way to handle things and we do get our money into our Paypal account fairly quickly.

Selling online is a pretty good deal for those who have a bit of computer savvy. Let’s face these days almost anyone who can read and send email, sign onto Facebook and post updates and pictures can handle most of the sellers websites out there. You DO NOT have to struggle with your own website (even though we have) while learning how to program your shopping cart and integrating payment modules. Etsy, Yardsellr and Copius seems to be the easiest selling websites with the lowest fees I have found. Far better than Ebay. As I said before Etsy charges sellers $.20 per item posted but has a great network of buyers and sellers all over the world. Their sellers education system is also pretty great. You get a lot for this small fee. They also have Etsy Ads that you can buy hits or impressions just like Google Ads but specifically within their community. You have specific categories when you add your things for sell so read their requirements before you post anything.
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Calling All Crafts Persons

Calling all crafts persons out there! We are hoping that our fellow craft persons would like to share an article, story, helpful hints or project with your fellow readers. There is no pay involved only that you will receive credit for your work and the knowledge that you have helped your fellow crafters. We have updated our CONTACT page Tell your friends, relatives and other crafts persons that you know that they can offer their advice, share their project or even start someone on a journey of self-expression through crafts. Now we are the Southern Women Crafts blog so we have to limit participation to those of us who live, grew up or has strong ties to the South. There are no limits about what kinds of projects or information you would like to share however.

All files must be less than 3MB in size because our email system will more than likely kick it out if it is larger than that. Most text files will have no problem with that but if you include pictures in the doc or pdf file it will be a little large. There is nothing wrong with you submitting it in parts, such as, part 1 and part 2, etc. Just show that in the subject line so that when we put it together on the website we have them in the right order.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and remember to keep the language clean, the subject about a craft project and be willing to share that information with the rest of us.

Cheers and Happy Crafting!