Recycled Material Crafting

BottkecapKeychains09282014 (11)During our stays at various Florida State Parks and National Forests as volunteers I have been collecting bottlecaps to recycle or as the new saying goes “Upcycle” items I find into jewelry and accessories. So far, I have made lots of earrings and keychain charms. You can get more ideas on how to use recycled materials with your future crafting projects by looking on Pinterest, YouTube and just your regular old internet search engine. Personally, I use Google search, type in my search terms and then click on the Images button. Then I can scroll through all the photos associated with the term I entered. Sometimes the photo will even link to a tutorial on how to create various different things using the recycled material.
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New Year and New Start

Last year is done. Thank goodness. And the new year is underway. We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. We haven’t posted in November and December because we have been so busy with family, holidays and traveling around in our RV. We apologize for not posting. And it is our New Year’s resolution to get up to date with all of our writing and even get back to making more of our colorful and unique craft items.

What is your New Year’s Resolutions?
Are you going to learn a new skill?
Practice your crafts with more diligence?
Or have you decided not to pursue your crafting anymore?
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Where to Get Crafting Materials

We all have our favorite places to shop. Some of those may be better at supplying certain materials than others. For instance, we usually go to our local Walmarts for yarn because our local store has a nice choice of our favorite sports yarn in a variety of colors. They still have a nice choice of fabrics and have a whole display of Fat Quarters for those who enjoy quilting. Be warned however, Continue reading “Where to Get Crafting Materials”