Summer Heat Go Swimming

CrochetedScrunchies (12)During the summer heat here in Florida our biggest occupation is swimming. People get out and go to the beach, one of our many cool springs or even someone’s swimming pool to cool off and relax. Crafters are no different. During our summer months we also need to get away for a little bit of relaxation to recharge our batteries and get our creative juices flowing. This is especially true during the month of July. Not only do our temps reach into the high 90s and sometimes 100s our heat index is almost always 10 degrees higher than that. Not to mention the humidity. Strangely, these past couple of months while we have been here at the Olustee Beach Day Use Area within the Osceola National Forest in North Florida our humidity readings have been way below what we are use to. That is kind of scary in that we might be in for some really strange weather in the weeks ahead.
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Recycled Material Crafting

BottkecapKeychains09282014 (11)During our stays at various Florida State Parks and National Forests as volunteers I have been collecting bottlecaps to recycle or as the new saying goes “Upcycle” items I find into jewelry and accessories. So far, I have made lots of earrings and keychain charms. You can get more ideas on how to use recycled materials with your future crafting projects by looking on Pinterest, YouTube and just your regular old internet search engine. Personally, I use Google search, type in my search terms and then click on the Images button. Then I can scroll through all the photos associated with the term I entered. Sometimes the photo will even link to a tutorial on how to create various different things using the recycled material.
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Crafting Mysteries

SkeinOfTheCrimeCrafting mysteries. Are we talking about crafts that are mysterious? Or are we talking about mysteries that features some kind of crafting person as a hero/heroine? The later I think. I don’t know of any mysterious crafts but I have read a couple of good mystery series that involved craft type persons. You have your Quilting Mystery Series, your Crocheting Mystery Series, Your Knitting Mystery Series and Your Weaving Mystery Series. You even have the generic Needlecraft Mystery Series all available in your local libraries and, of course, on Amazon. Since this is the first week of the new year we thought we would do a FUN post about one of our other favorite past times, mystery novel reading. And what better way to share that with all our fellow crafting people is to compile a listing of some of the more prevalent or should I say prominent mystery series that involves some kind of crafting activity. We have added a Crafting Mystery Series section to our SWC AStore page so that you can purchase the ones that you find interesting.

Here is a listing of some of the most popular ones we have found so far:

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