Crocheting Hats

Mom has been experimenting with her crocheted hats. The hats are mostly what we call a sock hat but she is also trying out making what the kids call a “rasta” hat or a beret. And a few of them she has crocheted side flaps on. This is a work in progress, of course, and she likes to experiment. We get a few of the patterns from websites and one of those you might look through is the All Crafts Net. They have hundreds of patterns for crocheting and knitting projects and not just hats. Making a crocheted hat can be fun and is a fairly fast project for you to do. Once you get the basics down experimenting is encouraged with colors, types of stitches and adding crocheted roses or even pins to make your hats unique.
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Stretchy Bracelets and Necklaces

I was recently going through some instructional videos on YouTube to get some ideas about making bracelets. I wanted to learn how to make stretchy bracelets and necklaces and how to properly tie them so that they wouldn’t pull about. The stringing of the beads is pretty much the same as with wire string but you will need to put a little piece of tape on one end or maybe a small clothes pin so that the bead don’t fall off. The hardest part of making a bracelet or necklace is decided what beads to use and in what order. Continue reading “Stretchy Bracelets and Necklaces”

Yarn Project

My granddaughter and I have been working on a little Christmas decorations project with yarn and popsicle sticks. I made these in Sunday School when I was much younger and thought she would enjoy doing something with me. I had to look up the project on the web to remember how to make them. They are called God’s Eyes. I’m sure they are called something else but basically you mix and match different colored yarns to create interesting patterns.  We got a package of popsicle sticks from the Dollar Store with about 50 sticks for a $1 and used some of the left over yarn from my mom’s scarf projects.  A variation to the project would be to use different kinds of thread such as embroidery floss, hemp and anything else you can find as string. Continue reading “Yarn Project”