Come to Dunnellon Florida This Weekend

AnkletsBraceletsFeb2014-27Come to Dunnellon Florida This Weekend to see and participate in the Boom Town Festival being sponsored by the Dunnellon Chamber of Commerce. Their website doesn’t have a separate page for the event but is currently featured on the home page. If you are a craft vendor in the area you might want to contact them to see if you can still set up a booth there. Since we will be visiting Rainbow Springs State Park that weekend we opted to go ahead and pay the $100 craft vendor fee and set up our booth for the weekend. That’s Saturday, April 26th from 9-5pm and Sunday, April 27th from 9-4pm. Our booth at the Sarasota Folk Festival was a learning experience and we expect this one to be as well but, hopefully, we will sell a few more items, give away more business cards and catalogs and meet more interesting people.

Of course, we are keeping an eye on the weather but you really can’t predict what it will be like so you try and prepare for what you can. Lots of water bottle to keep us hydrated and knowing where the nearest rest room facilities are will be the key to our comfort. Our new tent canopy seems to be working well even though it really takes two people to set it up and not the one that is advertised. The bad part is that we have to get up at 4:00am on Saturday and be at the designated area by 5:30am to set up. Since, this is a street festival the town will not be closing off the streets for the festival until then. We are supposed to be able to leave our tent up overnight Saturday and begin breaking down after 4:00pm on Sunday. Setting up takes the longest time and we will probably spend most of Friday, re-arranging our SUV with all our display stuff as well as the merchandise we hope to sell.
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Sarasota Folk Festival WrapUp

SarasotaFolkFestival03232014-37We came, we saw, we so did not conquer. But we had a great time, the weather was lovely and we learned a thing or two about being a vendor at a music festival. Namely, you have to be aware of your audience, the weather, the season, upcoming holidays as well as provide good quality goods that are presented in a pleasing manner. And, to quote another vendor, “You gotta give them inexpensive stuff too.” In other words, you want to present a sampling of your finer things that you have available but you will probably only sell your less expensive items at these types of events. And you really should present items that fit in with the theme of the event such as musical related pendants, peace sign items, etc. Since, this event was held in March with warm weather, in southern Florida most of the attendees were over 65, interested in jamming with other musicians and had a laid-back kind of attitude. Our recycled bottle cap earrings received rave reviews. However, the hottest item at this event was the colorful light-weight, sleeveless dresses that our next door neighbor was selling. She didn’t make them, of course, but is a reseller and buys direct from a New York wholesaler. Kind of a bummer when you think about it because almost all the other vendors make and sell their own products and she ending up doing almost as well as the food vendors 🙁 We do wish this lady well as this is how she pays her bills and she works almost every single weekend.
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