Recycled Material Crafting

BottkecapKeychains09282014 (11)During our stays at various Florida State Parks and National Forests as volunteers I have been collecting bottlecaps to recycle or as the new saying goes “Upcycle” items I find into jewelry and accessories. So far, I have made lots of earrings and keychain charms. You can get more ideas on how to use recycled materials with your future crafting projects by looking on Pinterest, YouTube and just your regular old internet search engine. Personally, I use Google search, type in my search terms and then click on the Images button. Then I can scroll through all the photos associated with the term I entered. Sometimes the photo will even link to a tutorial on how to create various different things using the recycled material.
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Shops on Wheels

Holidayhouse6Shops on Wheels has been a new promotional tool for us hand craft artists to sell our wares at craft shows, festivals and flea markets. We have a page that discusses our plans for turning a Holiday House Travel Trailer into a mobile retail shop to house all of our handcrafted items we create and to sell from at Florida festivals, crafts shows and farmer’s markets. Please check out our information page at:

We have created a forum discussion board ( ) to gather information from those who already have vintage travel trailers and have converted them into mobile retail shops and those who would like to. Because our vintage travel trailer idea is fairly unique and there are only about 10 or so left we have been looking for a vintage travel trailer replica manufacturer to create one for us. Most vintage trailer enthusiasts and renovators insists that these old-timers be brought back to their original design and used as campers. Continue reading “Shops on Wheels”

We are Going Ahead With Our Plans

Holiday House in RedWe are going ahead with our plans to purchase a replica of the 1960/61 Holiday House travel trailer. We have created a donation button (see our new button to the right side of our website) and a new page under our Latest Promos page. It is called simply, Holiday House Mobile Boutique, and we hope you will read through it, donate if you can, share it with all of your social media family and friends. It also helps us if you would “Like” or Facebook page and “Follow” on Twitter account. We have then on the right side of the website as well now. This page will be a “Work-in-Progress” as we will be adding new information, prize levels and reports from our crowd funding campaigns as well as the progress on our travel trailer with pictures and drawings when we get them. Continue reading “We are Going Ahead With Our Plans”

Building Our Own Mobile Shop

sally_ann_vintage_clothingIn our last post I alluded to the fact that we were wanting to get a “shop on wheels” to sell our handcrafted items from at festivals, farmers markets and such. We have been scouring the web to get ideas about what we wanted it to look like. We want it to be unique and colorful just like our products. The vintage trailer turned mobile retail space idea has always appealed to me. What we have found is that most of those “boutiques” are created using the vintage canned ham travel trailers that are less than 12 feet long and most of them are not very tall inside. Granted, they make for a very cute place to sell your wares from and almost every single one can be pulled by just about any car on the road today. Plus, you wouldn’t be charged for more than one vendor space at most places. We need a little bit more room than that and wouldn’t mind paying for two vending spaces if we have to.
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How Do You Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

BottlecapKeychains04242014-3-1024x682How Do You Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing? When and Where do you get your inspiration for crafting projects? Will varying smaller craft projects with larger and longer ones help your creative flow? These questions are more we ask ourselves all the time. Getting your creative juices flowing has a lot to do with what types of crafts you like to do. Since, I like to make bead and wire jewelry most of my projects are considered to be smaller ones that don’t take a lot of time. My mom does crochet so her’s can take anywhere from a few hours to a month or two depending on what she is working on. Of course, I also like to keep a specific person in mind when I am creating my pieces.

Sometimes I just get going making the same type of item but in different colors and using different kinds of beads. I like to make earrings and beaded key chains because they are easy to make and I can make a lot of them in a short amount of time. My mom has likes to create many different items using the same color(s) of yarn like a set such as a couple of scrunchies, a couple of wrist-warmers and a crocheted tie. She can get this set done in about 8 hours but has to take frequent breaks to give her hands and back a rest.
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