Stretchy Bracelets and Necklaces

I was recently going through some instructional videos on YouTube to get some ideas about making bracelets. I wanted to learn how to make stretchy bracelets and necklaces and how to properly tie them so that they wouldn’t pull about. The stringing of the beads is pretty much the same as with wire string but you will need to put a little piece of tape on one end or maybe a small clothes pin so that the bead don’t fall off. The hardest part of making a bracelet or necklace is decided what beads to use and in what order. Continue reading “Stretchy Bracelets and Necklaces”

Updated Website

Hey gang, we are in the process of updating the website and including information from other sources such as other websites, youtube vidoes, and even included a page called the SWC Store with items from Amazon that we believe you will find useful in your own crafting projects. Yes, that is another form of advertising and we will get a few pennies on everything you buy if you click on the links in our store but hey, that will only help us bring you more great content and pay for this little blog. We are not looking to become rich only to share with our readers some of the projects we have done, some how-to’s for yourself and then make a little money to support our own projects. Continue reading “Updated Website”

Welcome to Our Site

This is our initial posting of the Southern Woman Crafts website/blog. We have created this website for our crafts division to engage our customers in some lively discussions about our products, craft projects in general and give or get ideas for new projects for the future. Of course, we will have links back to the online store for our products. And we hope to include instructions on some of the projects we have completed. So, if you have crafts ideas and would like to share some instructions (pictures would be nice) email us or use the contact form…..