Change of Seasons

I love when the seasons change especially from Summer to Fall and from Winter to Spring. This is a magical time and a time to clean out the old stuff and start something new. With new season coming in March we hope to get pretty creative. For us here in Florida it seems that spring is coming a mite early this year. With temperatures reaching the 80s off and on for the last 3 weeks it is both exhausting and kind of exhilarating at the same time. Exhausting in that the weather keeps changing and it is hard to know what to wear or plan any outdoor events. And exhilarating because the flowers are blooming early, the trees are budding and the birds are mating.

While we have traveled around Florida we have noticed that there are lots of red cardinals. And now that we are in central Florida we have seen pretty little dark grey birds with yellow underbelly. Sometimes you can spot a blue jay, a hawk, red-headed woodpecker and even more rarely an eagle. They inspire you to sit peacefully and watch them play, gather some food and generally swoop around the campsites. These little spots of color can inspire you to want to create something just as colorful and unique.

So if you are out and about in the mornings or late afternoons put out a few stale bread crumbs in your yard and sit quietly for a little while. You never know what you will see that will inspire you to create something colorful and unique yourself.