Craft Or Not to Craft

CrochetedScrunchies-4-1024x682Craft or Not to Craft. That is the question I ask myself almost everyday. Can I find time to get creative today or do I put it off until I have the time to really concentrate or what I am doing? Should I take a break for a little while in hopes of getting more inspired later? I don’t know about you but with the hot weather, trying to finish an eBook I am writing about our volunteering experience and working as a volunteer in one of our Florida State Parks I am finding it difficult to do any of my crafts. Now, my mom can pick up her crochet needle and crochet away while she is watching TV. But she gets sidetracked as well when we go to one of the local libraries and check out some good mysteries to read. She will read them all until she runs out and then will pick up the crafting needle again. Me, I need uninterrupted time to create. I think I have always been that way.

What do you do when you get “Crafters Block”? I have been stalled for a couple of months now. One, I don’t want to create any more items until I can get all the ones I have already created online to one of online stores. Two, things are not really selling right now and I hate to create a bunch of inventory and not have any customers to sell them to. And finally, I really want to finish up this eBook I am writing and get my blog articles caught up before I begin again. I will continue to look on Pinterest to collect ideas to try in the future but I really need to clear out some of these other projects I have going before trying again. If you have any ideas about getting organized and clearing out our minds so we can create new handcrafted items we hope you will share them with us by commenting below. You do have to register as a subscriber to comment as we try to keep the spammers down. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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