Custom Beanie Hats

dustyrosewhitehat2You can get your very own custom made hand crocheted beanie hat in any size that you need along with whichever color or color combinations you would like. You can choose up to three different colors and indicate how many stripes of those colors you would like. Do you have a favorite sports team? How about a warm and cozy beanie hat to reflect their team colors? Or, do you have your own favorite colors that you like but just can’t seem to find them in a regular store. We might be able to help you with that.

We use Red Heart medium weight yarn for our long lasting, machine washable and dryable beanie hats. Their yarn is 100% acrylic, will keep it size and shape and is hypoallergenic. Below are pictures from the Red Heart company of their current color choices that should be available. We just need you to tell us your color choices using the names on the pictures. You can choose up to a maximum of three but generally one or two works best. Of course, the variegated ones are really quite nice as well.

Click on the Add to Cart Button below and choose the size you need by measuring your head first around your forehead for the width in inches and then from the top of your head to down below your ears for your height. If you like to roll up your beanie hat just add another inch for the height. For those who are buying the hats as a gift the following chart you can use as a guide.

Newborn – 13 inch around head by 5 inch height
3-6 Mos – 14 inch around head by 6 inch height
6-12 Mos- 16 inch around head by 6.5 inch height
12-24 Mos – 17 inch around head by 7 inch height
Toddler – 18 inch around head by 7.5 inch height
Child – 19 inch around head by 8 inch height
Adult Small – 20 inch around head by 8.5 inch height
Adult Med – 22 inch around head by 9 inch height
Adult Lrg – 23 inch around head by 9.5 inch height

We ship all custom orders via U.S. Postal Services Priority Mail (2 Day Service) but it may still take up to 10 to 15 days from the time of order until it is mailed if we have to order your yarn color(s), create your item and mail it out. If this is to be a gift please order it in plenty of time. We will wrap your custom order in bubble wrap and place ship it in the USPS priority box. Shipping is a flat rate of $8.00 to cover the cost of postal and mailing materials.

Generally, we ask for at least 10 to 14 business days but will try to complete your order sooner than that depending on whether we have to order your yarn color choices or can just pick them up at one of our local craft store. All payments are handled through the secure servers at Paypal.

Please use the Message to Sellers box with any additional information (available on check out) such as specifying exactly how many inches around the head and height that may not be listed in the drop down boxes or even how many stripes you would like us to create between the two or three colors you have chosen.

Color Choices Red Heart Yarn Picture Gallery
Click on the pictures to make them bigger and write down the names of the color(s) you like best so that you can type them in the appropriate box below when ordering. Remember that digital pictures and computers may not always reflect the true colors of some of the yarn as mechanical devices cannot process colors as well as the human eye.

Red Heart Super Savers1
Red Heart Super Savers1

Red Heart Super Savers2
Red Heart Super Savers2

Red Heart SuperSavers3
Red Heart SuperSavers3

Red Heart SuperSavers4
Red Heart SuperSavers4

Red Heart SuperSavers5
Red Heart SuperSavers5


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Our Hand Crocheted Beanie Hat Picture Gallery

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