Do You Need Money

Do You Need Money for your craft projects, to get a craft store or website started or need money for materials that you are using for a special project of some kind? We have found a new “Crowdfunding” website called GoGetFunding. This is an open-community funding resource for people like us who don’t have corporate backers or special interest groups from all across the world. You can help other people by making donations and/or people can donate to your project. This group is setup to accept donations through a verified PAYPAL account after you have created a project page, uploaded some pictures and a promotional video. You can also offer rewards for you donations based on your project. Making them special and related to your project is best. They do have some restrictions, of course, so read through their terms and agreements. And they only charge a 2% fee on all donations, whatever donations you collect up to your expiration date is yours to keep whether or not you reach your goal. And if you reach your goal before the time limit you can elect to just get the money or let the campaign run and see if you can get more than you requested.

We didn’t have much luck with GoGetFunding and their widget wasn’t very user friendly so we decided to try again with another crowd funding site that we found on a blog about small businesses needing start-up money for various different things. One of the ones that seem to get more play was called We have set up a new campaign with them that will go through the end of July. They accept credit cards directly from donors or the donors can use PAYPAL. Their fees are 4% of whatever funding you get for your project. Yes, it all is centered around your social media followers, friends and relatives to get it going. If you can get a couple of donations right away from your friends or family and/or get everyone you know to at least “Like on Facebook” they will push your project to their main page. This is an international site with participants from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to introduce your new business to as many people as you can and get funding for a special project.