Doodle PIns

Do you like to doodle? You know draw stuff on any scrap of paper while you are on the phone or bored in school or at work. We would like to see your doodles and showcase them on our website. We are gathering doodle drawings and will be putting them on collectible buttons then offering them for sale. The most popular ones will net the original artist a portion of the proceeds. For now we are just asking for volunteers and any designs you send us will become the property of Jolene’s eBooks and Craft Items and Southern Women Crafts, however we will be giving credit to any artist who sends us their work. We want to offer a line of collectible buttons that is unique and different from the everyday and hope you will want to take part as well.

This is an experiment for now to see if there is an interest in this sort of thing. It is the brainchild of one of our founders and she hopes that more people will feel confident in their artistic abilities to share their work. It doesn’t matter what you like to draw so long as it is YOUR work and you agree that we can share it with our readers and then use it in a sales campaign. The doodles must be hand-drawn using pencil, pens, markers and/or crayons. You can use any type of paper you wish in any color just make sure that there is nothing else on the paper besides your drawing. We urge you to write your name, email address and city and state (country if outside the USA)somewhere on the paper away from the drawing to receive proper credit and possibly a percentage of sales should yours prove to be popular. We will send you an email if we use your doodle on a pin back button.

Take a 3 inch glass or other round object; place on a piece of paper or no line index card, white or colored; take a pencil or pen and use the round glass to outline a circle. Inside the circle draw your favorite doodle. You can add a saying, a picture, anything so long as it is not pornographic and the saying should be rated at “G” or “PG”. Sign your work inside the circle. Scan it into your computer or take a picture and upload the file using our “Contact Us”. If you used your phone’s camera and do not know how to transfer the pictures to your computer you can send us a not using the CONTACT FORM to let us know you want to participate and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you give us your name, city, state (Country if not living in the USA) and email address so that we can give you proper credit for your work. We will not give out your email address on our website. It will only be used by us to keep you updated.

We look forward to your submissions and hope you will share this article with your friends and family. The doodle above is from a blog we found that is a perfect example of how we would like the designs submitted. It is round and signed but can be about just about anything and colored or black and white. You can see more of Sue’s Doodles on your website: