Enclosed Trailers For Craft Vendors

Finally, one of the trailer companies has decided to offer an enclosed trailer that fits us craft vendors. You can back it into a 10×10 space, take off the removable hitch, put the 4 little jacks under each corner and you are ready to start selling. You can add a small awning to the front to keep the weather off you and your customers, cut out one or both of the sides to put in those sliding windows with screens to let in some light and even wire up an air conditioner or ceiling fan to help keep you cool. You will probably want to paint the wooden walls, floor and ceiling or just put up some shelves and be done with it. If you’re handy with a paint brush you could paint your name and logo on the outside to advertising. But if you have a little extra money a “Wrap” might be better. Personally, I would love to paint the outside like one of those little cottages with flower pots, trees, windows and fencing. The barn doors in the back can be opened to let in some air and light or kept closed for added shelving space.

8.5′ x 10′ Enclosed Craft Vendor Trailer with Electricity and Removable Hitch
Check out the sales page: http://my-cargotrailer.com/product.php?id=143
This stripped down version only has electricity and is $3999 plus tax and tag. You have to go to the factory in Georgia to pick it up unless you pay the extra charge for deliver and I imagine if you wanted a different color than black you would have to pay extra too. Right now they require a minimum $600 deposit to order with balance due on delivery. But if you have good credit you could probably get the financing for approximately $110 per month. Some of the highlights you might find interesting:

7 foot interior height
32″ R/V Style Side Door (piano hinge)
LED Tail Lights
30 Amp Electric Panel and (2) Interior 110 Volt Outlets
110 Volt Powered Roof Vent
2″ Front Coupler
Dust shield (no dust will get in the trailer
Solid front wall construction
12 Volt Dome Light

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Just think of all the outside events you could attend without having to pay for a double space. This trailer is a single axle, is tall enough for people to get into with just one step, has a regular door entrance in front and can be customized to fit your needs fairly easily. You can get your local U-Haul company to install a towing hitch to the back of your vehicle for around $300 or so.

If I cannot get the money together for my new replica 1961 Holiday House Travel Trailer/Retail Shop on Wheels then this would be a pretty good alternative.

Till next time…Keep Crafting!