Fall Festivals and Crafting Events

BeadedAnkets081516 (1)Fall Festivals and Crafting Events are coming and you really need to get online and check out some of them. As a professional crafter you and I will need to plan ahead for any events we may want to attend as there are almost always applications to fill out, fees to pay in advance, inventory of our items to keep track of and marketing materials to gather. Of course, you will also want to get started on posting the events on your website and social media pages so that your fans and customers will know where you will be and when.

Sadly, for me I can’t really get started planning until I know where we will be volunteering and when. Since, we are “traveling” crafters I also cannot keep a huge inventory or vending supplies and materials with me where ever I go. We live, work and travel in on old class A RV and have a minivan for extra storage. Generally, all of our crafting supplies are in the RV and all of our finished products have to travel around in the minivan. But such is the life of a wandering gypsy craft vendor. I really would like to earn enough money one year to cover our basic expenses and just be able to travel from one vending opportunity to the next without having to volunteer in a state park or national forest that requires us to stay in one place for 3 to 6 months at a time.

So, I will be relying heavily on the No White Tent Forum website for information: http://nowhitetent.ning.com/events/event/listUpcoming
Now this is an all volunteer website where other crafters find out about events and post them. Some of the events are posted by the organizers as well. The information is only as good as those who are posting. So, please join and post lots of events so we all may benefit. No White Tent forum was created to highlight Florida craft vendor opportunities that don’t cost an arm-and-a-leg to become vendors. You can read about the event and there should be a link to the event organizer where you can find the application, costs, requirements, etc. Some events fill up faster than others so be sure and apply a few months in advance.

Read through the requirements thoroughly as some counties require you to pay for a business tax receipt even for these types of vending while others will not. You will have to keep track of your sales for Florida Sales Tax requirements. Some event planners, such as the Florida Folk Festival, will report your stated sales to the Florida Sales Tax Revenue people while others don’t want anything to do with it. Ultimately, you are responsible for filing and paying those taxes. Most event planners do require that you show proof that you have a Sales Tax Number. That you can get from the Florida Department of Revenue directly from your sales tax account. As far as the Business License (Business Tax Receipt), which is an annual requirement for most businesses, you will have to contact the county Tax Collectors office where the event is being held for more information on requirements and costs.



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