Holidays and Heat

It is officially summer folks. Here in the south the temperatures have been in the high 90s but it feels like the middle 100s. That is hot, hot, hot. The rain has been coming down in our area, or just threatening to come, almost every single day since the middle of June. What can you do when it gets that hot and miserable? How about head to the nearest swimming hole and cool off the day? That’s right just pack up your crafting materials for a little while and get out there and go swimming, picnic under some shady trees and take some much-needed R-N-R. It’s too hot to work on anything. The kids are out of school and it is time to have a little fun. You have to recharge your batteries every so often or your inspiration for your crafting ideas will suffer as well as just doing the crafting stuff as well. You need to relax and refresh yourself so that when you do go back to whatever crafting thing you love to do you will have more ideas, be able to get more done and your projects will probably turn out a lot better than you hoped.

Now the great thing about it being summer is that we can go swimming, wading, body surfing, and even running in the sprinklers. That’s right if you don’t live near a lake, swimming pool, pond, spring, river or ocean you can always set out those rotating sprinklers and you and your kids run in and out of them. It’s fun, it’s FREE and your kids will love it. Picnicking and wading in the kiddy pool in your backyard is a great way to cool off and relax. There are lots of things that you can your family can do that don’t cost a lot of money, are fun and will help you keep on-budget (thus one more thing that you don’t need to worry about). Worry will stymie your creative juices quicker than anything. Try to stay on budget but have fun too. You want to have money left over from your budget for when inspiration takes you and you need more crafting supplies in the Fall.

Who knows with all this relaxing and cooling off might get your brain started working on those crafting ideas that sometimes gets percolating while you are doing other things. While you are sitting in your lounge chair you might want to have a pencil and paper handy to write some of those ideas. Draw rough sketches of the designs you would like to try or you can even leave a memo to yourself using the recording device on your smart phone or cellphone. Once you have it written down or recorded then store it away till later. Crafters get their own version of writers block and this may help you get rid of it.

We hope everyone has a safe but enjoying summer vacation and be ready to jump back into your chosen crafts when the kids go back to school.

Till next time