How Do You Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

BottlecapKeychains04242014-3-1024x682How Do You Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing? When and Where do you get your inspiration for crafting projects? Will varying smaller craft projects with larger and longer ones help your creative flow? These questions are more we ask ourselves all the time. Getting your creative juices flowing has a lot to do with what types of crafts you like to do. Since, I like to make bead and wire jewelry most of my projects are considered to be smaller ones that don’t take a lot of time. My mom does crochet so her’s can take anywhere from a few hours to a month or two depending on what she is working on. Of course, I also like to keep a specific person in mind when I am creating my pieces.

Sometimes I just get going making the same type of item but in different colors and using different kinds of beads. I like to make earrings and beaded key chains because they are easy to make and I can make a lot of them in a short amount of time. My mom has likes to create many different items using the same color(s) of yarn like a set such as a couple of scrunchies, a couple of wrist-warmers and a crocheted tie. She can get this set done in about 8 hours but has to take frequent breaks to give her hands and back a rest.

Right now she is working on making crocheted panels to put together in a large blanket. She is making small squares with different colored centers and white outer band. Once she has enough of these she will sew together in a row and finally those rows are sewn together. This is a pretty nice project for our limited space because she can keep making the squares until it is time to actually put it together. Then we will use our craft tables outside and putting them side-by-side to visualize the whole piece.

Till next time! Send us your suggestions on how you keep your creative juices flowing.


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