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Welcome to our Holiday House Mobile Boutique Fund Raising Campaign Page!

HolidayHouseBrochure1960 (2)We have contacted a travel trailer manufacturer in southern Tennessee who has agreed to replicate a 1960/61 Holiday House Travel Trailer with the interior set up as a mobile boutique. We love the look of those old travel trailers and think they will make a great marketing tool as well as a perfect place to sell our handcrafted items from at festivals, fairs, and any other markets we can apply to be craft vendors. Starting your own business is very difficult and having friends and family help along the way is always a bonus. Now-a-days with social media being a major factor in most crowd funding efforts we hope you will donate, share our campaign and check back often for future developments.

Fundraising Goal is $35,000!

Brand New Vintage Travel Trailer Replica with Bathroom and a/c $25,000 approximately
New Trailer Hitch for Vehicle $1,000 approximately
Custom Paint Job on Trailer and Fulfillment of Rewards Category $3,500 approximately
Craft Materials and postage to FulFill Rewards Category $1,500 approximately
Used Truck to Haul Trailer to Craft Events $4,000 approximately

As with anything it has to start somewhere and this is our beginning page to get it started. We are currently working on a video and campaign materials to post our story on either or We like both of these platforms as they seem to be the most flexible for our needs. We will post links to those campaigns when we get them up and running. In the mean time we have created a donation button on our Paypal account to get us started. The Paypal servers are very secure and we will never have access to your financial, credit card or banking information. If you cannot donate at this time, it’s cool, but please take a few minutes and share this page with your friends and family members. You just never know….

Help Us Get a Vintage Trailer Mobile Boutique

Our story and Our Campaign

As you might have already read on our post, “Building Our Own Mobile Shop” we have been exploring the different options of going mobile with our handcrafted items business. Setting up a tent and tables is getting a little bit on the tiring side and we want to be able to attend more festivals. You know this involves setting up a commercial grade white tent, tables, merchandise displays, table clothes, hanging a banner, unpacking and displaying some of your merchandise and then sitting and/or standing all day in the heat or cold hoping for customers to come in your tent and browse. And, maybe, buy stuff before you have to leave for the day. Then, at the end you will have to repack all your remaining merchandise, fold up the table clothes, take down the banner, fold down the tables, take down your tent and place everything into your vehicle again. Wow, I get tired just thinking about it.

Sadly, or perhaps, greatly, we have outgrown our little tent and tables with our great handcrafted merchandise we have been diligently been creating for the past two years and really could use a mobile retail space to have all of it on display ready to be sold. All we will have to do is pull into our assigned spot, open our door, maybe let down our awning, and place our sign out front and be ready to get to business. A 14 to 16 foot travel trailer would be perfect for this. It is not too small as is the 10 foot tin can campers but not so big that it takes more than 2 vendors spaces to park it. Yes, that may mean that we will have to purchase two vendor spaces just like the food vendors but I think our idea of a vintage Holiday House travel trailer is just unique enough to draw lots of customers. And possibly, in the future, create more venues for more of us handcraft artists. Maybe, even “Shops on Wheels” events like they have Food Truck Events. Perhaps even a special “Shop on Wheels” venue where we can go every weekend like the flea market only more classy. Besides if we can get 10 to 20 mobile retailers, whether in vintage trailers or trucks, in the North Florida and South Georgia Area to agree to come to different venues in a pack we will draw a lot more attention for the event coordinators and make more money ourselves.

Below we have created a listing of what you will receive in exchange for your help. Not only will you be able to follow our progress on our blog page but we will be posting updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages as well. If cannot donate, at this time, we hope you would share this page on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages to as many people as you can. Of course, the more people we get to “Follow Us” on Twitter and “Like Us” on Facebook is also a help. I know you are thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Well, let me tell you.

For anyone who donates anything from $1 to $9

We will, of course, post our thanks on all of our social media accounts and website but we will also send you a copy of our eBook in Acrobat Reader PDF format “Insiders Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks”! When and if I write another book and publish during our campaign you will then get a choice of either one. You will be able to read it on any device or even gift it to a friend or family member. But please only one. You will receive an email with your copy of the eBook attached the same day as the donation is received. Who knows? We only need about 8,000 people to donate within this category we will meet our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

For the $10 to $19 donations

We will be adding your name to our social media accounts to say, Thanks!, email you an PDF copy of our ebook, and we will create a crocheted item in your choice of color(s). Now this could be a pair of finger-less gloves (wrist-warmers), a half dozen hand crocheted scrunchies in your choice of colors, a cellphone purse or even a soft yarn retro skinny tie. All will be made with machine wash/dry, and hypoallergenic yarn in your choice of color combinations. If you wish to send the crocheted item to another person just let us know. It generally takes about a week to 10 business days to get the yarn in your color choice(s) and create the item before it is mailed out. We will email you with a tracking number once we have put it in the mail. Of course, if you see an item(s) on any of our online stores (up to a $30 value) just let us know which one(s) and we will mail out those the next business day. Hey, if just 2,500 people donated within this category we can reach our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

For the $20 to $29 donations

I will create for you a “one-of-a-kind set” using our colorful glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and fresh water pearls. The set can include up to three items including any combination of earrings, bracelet/anklet, necklace, eyeglass lanyard and/or key chain charms. WE DO DRAGONFLY EARRINGS AND PINS NOW. This gift can be for yourself, a friend or a family member. We will pay for the shipping and email you a tracking number when it is complete. Again, it will take about a week to 10 business days to gather the materials, make your items and get them shipped. If you find some items on our online stores that you would like to have instead (up to $50 value) then by all means email us and I will send them out the next business day. Alright, we only need 1,400 people to donate in this category and we will reach our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

For the $30 to $49 donations

We will custom make your choice of any of our crocheted items (excluding afghans and blankets) and bead and wire jewelry set in your choice of colors, in the length and width you need and mail it to the address you would like. It will take about 10 to 15 business days to complete and get in the mail and we will email a tracking number once they are complete. If you don’t want a custom made item we have a wide variety of items available on all of our online stores and you can choose up to $100 in value plus we can gift wrap them and mail them for you to whichever address you like within 3 business days. For the donation category we only need around 1,200 people to donate to reach our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

For the $50 to $99 donations

You will receive our very grateful thanks on all of our social media pages and website as well as your choice of any or all the items custom made to your specifications in the above prize categories and any item in any of our online stores mailed to anyone you choose up to a $75 value. That’s right! You can get a custom made jewelry set, a custom made hand crocheted item (excluding afghans and blankets), a copy of our eBook AND even several items from any of our online stores that has already been made and ready to be shipped to whomever you wish it to go to. We will even gift wrap it prior to mailing if it is to be a gift. ***Just order before December 10th or it may not reach your intended recipient in time for the holidays*** We only need about 500 people to donate within this category to reach our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

For the $100 to $199 donations

You are considered a generous sponsor to our venture and we want to let all of our future customers know that you helped us on our journey to getting a mobile boutique. We will be praising your name, promoting your business, if you have one, and posting to our social media pages. You can choose anything in our online stores up to a $300 value even our hand crocheted afghans and blankets that are already made OR we can custom make you 5 hand crocheted and/or bead and wire items we sell including our hooded scarf sets but excluding afghans and blankets (will take at least 10 to 15 days to complete). They will be mailed out as soon as possible and you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. Now with this category we need only about 250 people to donate within it’s range to reach our final goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

$200 to $299 donations

For those who donate in this category for our vintage travel trailer boutique we just want to say, “WOW” and thanks! We can put an advertisement widget on our website for 6 months of your company name and website address (a clickable picture). As well as offering you any items you wish from our online websites (up to a $400 value) or custom make those items in your color choices including hand crocheted afghans and blankets (these will take 45 to 60 days to make and mail out though and are limited to 6 rewards) then mail them out to whomever you wish. For those keeping track, excluding those 6 donors who would like a custom made hand crocheted blanket we would only need about 140 people to donate within this category to reach our goal! [number of donors in this category _____ ]

$300 to $499 donations

You are the man/woman! Thanks so much for believing in our campaign. You have your choice of any items in any of our shops (Up to a $600 value) and we will mail them out for you (gift wrapped if you like) to whatever address you need within 3 business days after receipt. OR we can have your company logo with name and website painted on the side of our new vintage travel trailer mobile boutique once it is completed. In essence you will be traveling around with us to all our craft shows, music festivals and farmers markets getting free advertising where ever we go! Plus we can create an advertising widget from your logo picture, clickable to your website, and place it on the top side bar of our website for 12 months. Great deal but limited to only 4 rewards. After all, there are only 4 sides on a travel trailer and we cannot load up our website with advertising widgets. ***The painting of you logo on our Travel Trailer will only be valid during our Crowdfunding Campaign once it has launched*** We have to also limit the up to $600 value online merchandise donors to the first 10 people who donate within this category otherwise we want have hardly any more stuff to sell and we will have to hustle to make up the difference. [number of donors in this category _____ ]

Over $500 donation

*** This reward will only be effective during Crowdfunding Campaigns***
Okay, you really are a great philanthropist and have now reach the level of Partner in our little enterprise. For any donations over $500 we can loan you it’s services for 1 weekend within 6 months of it’s completion. That’s right you can use our boutique on wheels for your own craft show, music festival or flea market event and sell your goods in air conditioned or heated comfort with your very own bathroom facilities. You can tie or tape your company banner over our logo and we will empty out our shelves of our merchandise for your weekend. All you need is a venue that will allow you to use a travel trailer in a vendor space with an electric outlet near by, pay your vending fees, stock the shelves. We will tow it to your venue if it’s within 100 miles of where we are currently located. Once you’re done all we ask is that you return it to us in the condition you received it. That means all shelves empty, bathroom clean, and waste tanks cleaned and empty. Any damages you will need to pay for yourself. This offer is only open to established North or Central Florida Businesses and excludes Memorial Day Weekend as we already have a commitment for it that weekend. Although very tempting, as it would only take 70 people donating in this category to meet our goal, we have to limit this to just 10 donors. [number of donors in this category _____ ]

****All mailing addresses must be in the United States****

If you are unable to donate at this time we hope you will “Like Us” on Facebook, “Follow Us” on Twitter, share our page with your friends on all of your social media pages, browse our online stores and share some of those items with your friends and family. Of course, it also helps us if you buy some items from our stores and maybe even a copy of our book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords or even Createspace.



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