Make and Give Handmade Gifts

EyeglassChains05292014-5-CopyMake and give handmade gifts this holiday season. No matter what your religious affiliation or which holidays you and your family choose to celebrate this year most of them have some element of gift giving involved. And what better way to say to your friends and family that you are thinking of them than taking the time to create something yourself. Handcrafted items are almost always unique, tends to last longer and may even be handed down to future generations. My mom works hard all through the year to create hand crocheted items for all of our family as well as to sell at craft shows, festivals and on our online stores. They are often colorful, as is her style, and generally will last through lots of wearing and washing. This is extremely handy in our family as we are generally not your “typical” department store sizes or even like the current color trends.

When we get ready to create gifts for our family again this year we try to keep in mind the people we are creating them for. Things like their favorite colors, their current sizes and measurements, and with the boys it is usually their favorite team colors. Smaller children can be harder to make things for because they are mainly concerned with toys. Well, there are some great toys that you can make yourself with full instructions on the web. You can sew, crochet and even knit dolls, puppets and other things for kids. If you are handy with tools you can build a doll house, make wooden kitchen appliances and even carve out some wooden cars and trucks. Take a look at this website article for more ideas:

You can even put together a DIY kit for them and help them make their own toys after the holidays. Teaching your children and/or grandchildren how to make their own things is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. They will get your undivided attention and, hopefully, will come to love making their own gifts in the future. These kits can be contain enough yarn and/or cloth to make a doll, the knitting, crochet or sewing needle to make them, the stuffing needed and printed simple instructions on how to put them together. You have seen them all over retail stores in the crafting sections and now in the aisles at Walmart. Everything from science project kits, building your own robot kits, making survival bracelet kits, learning to draw kits and much more. We have even seen pioneer craft kits in the gift shops of some of the Florida State Parks we have visited. I love those: The great thing about your DIY kit is that you put it together, package it, wrap it and you will be the one sharing it with them.

We hope you and yours have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. It is not too late to get started making your own handcrafted items for your loved ones this coming holiday season! My daughter usually bakes her gifts and puts together gift baskets, yum…..


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