Bead and Wire Jewelry

Make Bead and Wire Jewelry can be fun and you can even sell or give away what you make as gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. You have to invest in a basic kit and be on the lookout for beads that are interesting and unusual. You can get a basic kit from your local Walmart or even from our Amazon Store. We have some basic information below to get you started and some videos embedded from YouTube that we have found especially helpful.

Men and Women have been making and wearing jewelry since the beginning of time. Techniques haven’t changed a whole lot over the centuries. We wear jewelry as adornments for all kinds of reasons. Making your own just requires materials and imagination. You can even make jewelry out of materials you find around the house. You can fashion a ring from telephone wire if you so choose. It is strictly up to you.

The easiest way to learn how to make your own bead and wire jewelry is to watch someone do it and then do it yourself. As with most hobbies there is no really right or wrong way to do something. It is the creation of something that you like that is important. Once you have practiced a while then you may even produce some results that other people will like and want to buy from you. If you can’t find anyone to show you how to get started we have found a few videos on YouTube that will.

Get Started with Jewelry Making

Part one: Tools and Materials

Part two: Beads

Part three: Organization

Beading Tips & Techniques: Jewelry Beading Techniques

We would love to hear from you with pictures of your own creations should you wish to share them. They don’t necessarily have to be just jewelry. You can send us a How-To article for any of your “BEAD AND WIRE” hand crafted creations. Just use our Contact Form and let us know about your creations and we will get in touch as soon as possible.