Sewing is an extremely broad category. We sew a button. We sew up a hole. We even can sew an entire outfit and some accessories to go with them. This has been a craft and skill for a very, very long time. But has fallen out of favor and is no longer taught in most schools anymore. We believe EVERYONE should be able to sew on a button, darn a sock or even make their own dresses, shirts, pants, or your kid’s costume for a play or Halloween. Yes, it takes some time and some practice but with anything else if you put the time and attention into it you will get a lot out of it. Just think about it, most clothing manufacturers only make certain sizes and the same styles of clothing to fit the majority of the population. If you are not what is considered a “normal” size or just don’t like to conform with the latest style of clothing being offered then you should MAKE YOUR OWN! Since this is just a beginners lesson page you can get more information from our Amazon Page or even go to YouTube and search for video lessons on how to sew.

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The art or skill of sewing is pretty simple to learn. Basically all you need to get started on a small project is a sewing needle, some thread and material to work with. Once you have learned a few stitches you can sew on a button, fix a seam and even replace a zipper.

Beginners Project #1 – Replacing a button

You will need a spool of thread (same color as the material or close to it)
Sewing Needle (regular hole size)

You begin by threading the needle or putting the thread into the eye of the needle and pulling it even at the bottom. The thread should be the same color or close to it as the material you are sewing the bottom on. Once you have the thread through the hole pull it through until you have an even pair. You will need to put a knot in the bottom to keep it from slipping through the material once you begin sewing. You can just use a simple knot by forming a circle with the the two pieces, wrapping it around and through once and pull down until you have a knot. Place the button in place where the old use to be. Punch your needle through the bottom of the material and up into one of the holes of the button and pull the thread all the way up. Punch down into the next hole and pull the thread all the way down. Punch the needle back up into the next hole and pull the thread all the way up. Keep this going until all the holes of the button have thread through them about 3 times each. On your last punch from the top to bottom turn the material over and thread the needle through the middle of the bundle under the button. Form a circle with your thread and pull it through forming a knot. Clip off the excess with a pair of scissors. Whoo Hoo, you have just sewn your first button!

Most sewing is done on a sewing machine. These are fairly cheap and can be gotten at your local discount store or specialty shop. You can even order them from our Amazon store. You can get books to learn how to sew from our store or check them out from your local library. There are lots of short videos on YouTube that you can view to get started as well. We have one below called Learn to Sew 101 series. It is the first of many videos available on Youtube and various other places on the web. Once you have read through your sewing machine material and know what all the buttons and knobs are for you can look on YOUTUBE to watch other people handle their machines and for further lessons in sewing.