Making Your Own Earrings

I love making earrings better than anything else I have made so far. The Bead and wire Pins/Brooches were pretty interesting but I like to make all kinds of earrings the best. Whether I am making them for fishhooks, posts or kidney wire findings it doesn’t matter. They are usually quick to put together and look the best of what I have done. The hardest part is figuring out what combinations of beads, wires, hooks and types of metals to use. I enjoy making them so much that I can put together about 20 pairs in a couple of hours and all using different beads, types of wire and look good as well. I have checked out books from the library to get ideas for earring designs, cut out pictures from magazines and observed what women are wearing at work, on television or just when I am out and about.

Inspiration for your craft projects can come from anywhere. You probably might want to start a journal and cut and paste pictures of things that catch your eye. Drawing is not my best thing but it doesn’t hurt to start doodling out some designs. They do not have to be perfect but it helps to put your ideas down on paper so that when you get your chance to make your crafts you will have at least started a kind of blue print of patterns or designs that you want to carry out. Remember the more your brain thinks about things, even subconsciously, it will have worked out how to get it done!