Marketing Tips for Handcraft Artists

Crew Neck T-Shirt
Crew Neck T-Shirt
Marketing tips for handcraft artists can include some free items as well as paying for advertising on various online sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and even Twitter Ads. There are many ways for you to get more people to notice your businesses and like anything else in life it takes time, perseverance and patience.

One of the simplest ways to get your handcrafts notice is to create a website/blog and start posting pictures and writing articles about your items, how you make them, where you get your supplies from and where you get your inspiration. You can get a simple website/blog for free with and There are others out there that can give you a free website/blog but these two I have used in the past and still use today.

Blogger requires that you have a gmail address which you can get for free as well. You might want your gmail email to be the name of your business and keep it separate from your personal accounts. Blogger’s website software is fairly simple to operate and once you read through the Help sections you can have a website up and running within a few minutes. Again, you will want to name your website after your business, if the name is available, or some variation of it should the name already been used. Now, it is a free account so you will have some limitations on your website/blog themes, colors, space on their server, etc. And, you will have to use their domain name as part of your website address: You will still need to post regularly to build up your reading audience and eventually get customers to start buying your products. You can even use the website to sell your products directly from your website using Paypal Shopping Cart items posted to a separate page on your new blog.

WordPress.Com is another reliable Free website/blog service that you can sign-up for. Start off with a FREE website which will have the somewhere in your domain and 3GB of storage space or you can purchase one of their yearly plans and get your own domain to house on their servers. WordPress is one of the most popular blog content management systems that millions of people use every year. There are extensive help pages to assist you in learning how to work their software and make your site look the way you would like it to. They have advice on how to get your website noticed as well as thousands of different plug-ins that you can use to expand how your website works, protect it from cyber attacks and even make it into a online store. BE CAREFUL and read all the information about these plug-ins, read the reviews and make sure you keep them updated regularly.

Once you get a website/blog going, updating it regularly, posting new articles as often as possible then you will need to create a separate Facebook page to complement your website. You can gain more readers to your website by creating a Facebook page that is appealing and inviting. It will be a separate place to post on a more regular basis than your website. You can share pages from other handcraft artists, pictures of items you are currently working on, links to pages to your website, links to articles you have posted on your blog, links to items you have online at other places such as your Handmade Amazon online store, pages of items you have for sale on Etsy and links to items you may have added to Handmade Artists online store.

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