New Custom Order Items

hoodedscarves060416-2We have gotten some requests for Made to Order items from some of our viewers of our Amazon Handmade Online Store and thought we would go ahead and create more custom order items on all of our online stores including our blog page here. You may notice that we have a new menu item above called Custom Made by SWC. We have been working all day adding several different types of hand crocheted items that we thought might be nice for our readers to read over and possibly buy something from us or at least share the listings we their family and friends. 😉

Coming up with Custom Made to Order items is really quite tough. Not only do you have to come up with the descriptions, good pictures as samples of what these items can look like you have to consider, sizes, colors, price variations based on materials, time you have to spend to make the items and then you have to be able to fit these various pieces of the puzzle together and be able to create the sales ticket on your online stores. And let me tell you it is a pretty different experience between Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Handmade Artists, SquareUp Marketplace and Paypal Shopping Cart Buttons. I mean you get 8 pictures for Amazon, 5 Pictures for Etsy, 5 pictures on Handmade Artists and maybe 3 or 4 pictures with SquareUp Marketplace. Then you have to figure out the Variations for the product and whether to charge different prices or not. Amazon will let you add up to 10 Customized items but only some of them can you add more to the price. Etsy will only let you do 2 Customized items and only one of those you can charge different prices for. On Handmade Artists all the customizing items are done through emailing the customer but you can’t charge different prices for them. On Square Up you have to create Customizing in a separate folder and then attach it to your items that you posts, weird!

And each of these have to match in prices all across the board or people might get a little steamed. But if you don’t offer them across all you different online shops then you are missing out on the various different marketing opportunities each one has.

Anyway we have 6 custom items posted on our blog through the Paypal Shopping Cart buttons, 6 on our Amazon Handmade Online Store, 6 on our Etsy store and now all we have to do is add them to our Handmade Artists and SquareUp Marketplace Stores.

Till next time, keep on crafting folks.



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