Promotion is Hard

BottkecapKeychains09282014-17-952x1024Promotion is hard. Trying to decide on how and when to promote your creations talks a lot of work and persistence as well as a healthy dose of patience. We have tried a variety of different ways to promote our crafts, our websites and now we have created an eBook of Our Great Adventure (See Amazon box below). Now we are considering another State Park event at the Stephen Foster Memorial State Park on Art In the Park Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park October 11th. The vendor fee is reasonable at only $20 if you have your own tent, tables and chairs and $30 for those needing a vendor setup. Since, we are volunteering at Big Shoals State Park it would be a great venue to try. Our last two shows didn’t go well but gave us some experience at setting up our booth and hopefully even getting more people to visit our website and buy our crafts.

We still post to our Facebook page, our Twitter account and It would be nice to start seeing a return on the time we have spent. There are no guarantees in life and we know it takes lots of time to get something going these days. We have been going through all of our stock to make sure everything is listed on our online stores and even SquareUP. Hopefully, we will have everything ready in the next 11 days. This is a prelude to the big show in Live Oak, Florida for their Christmas on the Square Event on December 6th where the craft vendor spaces are $125.00 and must be approved prior to acceptance along with a couple of other requirements.


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