Selling Is Hard Work

JewelrySetsFeb2014-13Selling is hard work. Yes, creating handcrafted items takes a lot of time, skill, imagination and energy but so does getting those items sold. You can create handmade items for your own enjoyment or to give as gifts to friends and family and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you would like to sell your items to make money, to validate your artistic endeavors or just to pay for more crafting supplies then you will have to do some things that you may not like.

For instance, if you are not already on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or even have a Google Plus page you will need to create one. Making friends, getting followers and having people visit these sites takes time and you will have to post regularly to them to keep them coming back. Now, I know you are asking yourself why do I have to do that? Because even if you pay for a website to be created, or create an online store on Etsy or Handmade Artists you are going to have to generate potential customers yourself. Yes, you will have a business card with your website address and/or online shop address on it to give to people you meet but you will also need to get people to come to your website/online shop who don’t even know you. Part of that process is generally done these days through social media sites.

These sites will not guarantee you sales but they have the potential of generating potential sales. You post pictures of the items you have for sale or are creating, write up a little blurb about them, share them on your accounts, like other people’s postings and tweets and in turn they may look at your account pages, like your posts and tweets and share them with their friends, family and followers. Those who like your creative ideas will come back when you post or tweet something new. Eventually, they may even buy something from you.

Another way to generate interest in your work is to have other websites/blogs write about you and your handmade items. There are literally thousands of them out there. You probably read some yourself. There is nothing wrong in asking to be featured in one of their articles. For most bloggers it is nice to get suggestions like that. I had a lady email me from my online store Jolene’s eBooks and Craft items about selling her quilts on my store.