Shops on Wheels

Holidayhouse6Shops on Wheels has been a new promotional tool for us hand craft artists to sell our wares at craft shows, festivals and flea markets. We have a page that discusses our plans for turning a Holiday House Travel Trailer into a mobile retail shop to house all of our handcrafted items we create and to sell from at Florida festivals, crafts shows and farmer’s markets. Please check out our information page at:

We have created a forum discussion board ( ) to gather information from those who already have vintage travel trailers and have converted them into mobile retail shops and those who would like to. Because our vintage travel trailer idea is fairly unique and there are only about 10 or so left we have been looking for a vintage travel trailer replica manufacturer to create one for us. Most vintage trailer enthusiasts and renovators insists that these old-timers be brought back to their original design and used as campers.

So, they don’t really want to use them as vending trailers. We contacted one manufacturer: who already creates Shasta replicas for food vendors. They are cute but a little bit too small for our needs and not really distinctive enough to give us an edge in marketing our handcrafted items. Please join the forum and share it with your fellow crafters. We haven’t gotten an estimate from CHCampers yet so we cannot begin to try and raise funds for it. If you know any other vintage travel trailer replica manufacturers please post their information on the forum.

GREAT NEWS! We have been accepted back to the Florida Folk Festival again this year on Memorial Day weekend. Since we will be workamping in the Osceola National Forest just down the road from Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park we are really looking forward to returning this year. If you are in the area during that weekend we hope you will drop by our booth and say, Hi! It is a 3 day event and will have loads of handcraft artists, music, food and much more. As vendors we will be staying in the campground in the park. It would have been really great to be able to sell our items from our handsome vintage trailer shop but that will have to wait another year or so. (Bummer….)

Which shows, festivals, etc. are you going to be vendors at this year. Let’s hear from all the Florida craft vendors and share where you will be, when, and what you will be selling. Loved to hear from ya!

Till next time….



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