Stretchy Bracelets and Necklaces

I was recently going through some instructional videos on YouTube to get some ideas about making bracelets. I wanted to learn how to make stretchy bracelets and necklaces and how to properly tie them so that they wouldn’t pull about. The stringing of the beads is pretty much the same as with wire string but you will need to put a little piece of tape on one end or maybe a small clothes pin so that the bead don’t fall off. The hardest part of making a bracelet or necklace is decided what beads to use and in what order. You want to create a pattern of some kind and create a pretty design. Most of the stretchy bracelets are made with the larger beads with the smaller one (if you want to use them) as spacer beads. The holes in the beads may need to be larger than a seed bead, of course. I did pretty good I think as I made 44 bracelets and 11 necklaces in 2 days. The one thing that I found to be the most difficult was what to do with the knot once I got it tied and glued and trying not to get the glue all over me fingers or anything else!

Below is one of the videos that I looked at that was really helpful: