Summer Best To Make Crafts

BottleCapBeadEarrings (6)Summer is absolutely the best time to make crafts. Not only is it too hot out there in our Florida sun to try and participate in outdoor craft vending opportunities there isn’t all that many out there to participate in. Granted, there is the Florida Folk Festival during Memorial Day Weekend, the Blueberry Festivals in June, Independence Day Celebration festivals all over the state in July but August is mostly a bust anyway. Our craft selling opportunities don’t really get going until about the end of September or the beginning of October. Then it is hot and heavy until just before Christmas.

So, unless you have an “in” with the more expensive craft shows that are held in air conditioned buildings most of us use the summer months to get creative and increase our inventory. Summer is also a great time to get online and add more items to your online shops. That tedious detail is always something I put off until the very last. I mean you have to take a couple of really nice pictures of each item, write down each piece you used to create the item, type of a description of each item, determine you selling price and then actually upload that information to whichever online store you are using. Then once that is done you have to post updates to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus page and Pinterest boards. Finally, I usually write a blog post on my own website with links to each of my online stores. All in the name of getting people to find our crafts and hopefully buy them as well.

Last but not least I also use the summer months to try and plan out where I can set up some tables during the Fall months to hopefully sell more stuff in the future. A crafting business, like most any other, takes lots of time and energy during the marketing as well as the other business requirements to make any kind of go at it. Sadly, it will only grow as fast and as far as you are willing to work it to make it a success.



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