Summer Heat Go Swimming

CrochetedScrunchies (12)During the summer heat here in Florida our biggest occupation is swimming. People get out and go to the beach, one of our many cool springs or even someone’s swimming pool to cool off and relax. Crafters are no different. During our summer months we also need to get away for a little bit of relaxation to recharge our batteries and get our creative juices flowing. This is especially true during the month of July. Not only do our temps reach into the high 90s and sometimes 100s our heat index is almost always 10 degrees higher than that. Not to mention the humidity. Strangely, these past couple of months while we have been here at the Olustee Beach Day Use Area within the Osceola National Forest in North Florida our humidity readings have been way below what we are use to. That is kind of scary in that we might be in for some really strange weather in the weeks ahead.

Anyway, getting back to our topic, swimming, splashing, floating or whatever you do around the water is a good way for us to chill out, dream about some new projects and get our bodies back in sink with our creative selves. Florida is surrounded by water and has lots of rivers, streams, springs and ponds. Remember to keep your insides hydrated too! Even though you may be in the water your body needs water on the inside to keep it from getting dehydrated. There is nothing worse than trying to be creative when your body is recuperating from being over heated. We want you all to come back in the Fall with lots of fun and creative crafts to sell.

Some other suggestions we make to non-native Floridians is to keep a wet washrag handy to place on your neck, wipe your face and wrists. This is an inexpensive way to help keep you cool when not in an air conditioned building. Your car will be extremely hot as well during the summer so keeping a thick towel over your steering wheel and leather or non-cloth seats will help keep them cooler to the touch. Common sense will tell you to stock up and use a high SPF sunscreen every time you go outdoors (even when swimming). Ugh! Sunburns can ruin your week.



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