Lesson Learned

We have really learned a hard lesson today when it comes to being vendors at the various festivals in Florida. Our biggest vending opportunity we were counting on was this year’s Florida Folk Festival. We applied the day after we received the email last September and submitted it electronically per instructions. We waited a week for the confirmation email but didn’t get it so I emailed again and asked for an updated. I received a response from the assistant stating that she would check on it. And I promptly forgot about it assuming that that person would get back to me if there was a problem. Since, our company name showed up on the website as craft vendors after Christmas I again assumed everything was okay. I even ran into the assistant last month to remind her we were planning on coming and she stated that as far as she knew everything was fine.

Today, when we went to check in and were told that our application was never received. Lord have mercy I really wanted to lose it right then and there. I mean I had respected the coordinator and did not bug her with emails or phone messages and assumed that the assistant would do her job. Well, lesson learned people I will always bug the mess out of any future festival coordinators until I receive a confirmation email or letter for all of our craft vendor applications. Now, we are just really sad and disappointed as well as angry at all the money, time and effort we have put into getting ready for the Florida Folk Festival these last 5 months. We were really looking forward to meeting some of the Florida State Park volunteers and park rangers we have worked with over the last couple of years as this events brings them in from all over the state. Of course, we were really looking forward to selling lots of handcrafted items as well. The Florida Folk Festival is now off our list of potentially great craft vendor opportunities for the next couple of years or until they get another coordinator at least.

To sum it up please save yourself future high-blood pressure episodes and make sure you follow up weekly with the coordinators of any major events you want to participate in. In the mean time we will be looking for fall festivals in our area we can participate in and have better luck. Sadly, this is the only event we know of that doesn’t charge a fee upfront to participate in. They charge a percentage of gross sales. That way if you don’t make money they don’t make money. So, if you are a fellow craft vendor in the North Florida area and know of any fall and winter events that charge a percentage of gross sales let us know!

Till next time, keep working on your special crafts and we wish you much luck in your future sales.