Fall is Here What Are You Making

CrochetedGloves-35-1024x682Fall is here, what are you making? With the new season the weather is cooler, the colors in nature are brilliant and you can get a jump on Christmas. My mom has gotten into a crocheting mood and is making some hooded scarves. They fit nicely on the head, covers the ears and wrap around the neck. When you make things for yourself or family and friends you get to make them as long, as wide and in whatever color combinations you or they like the most. Last year, we handmade all of our presents for our friends and family members. We hope they enjoyed them and got plenty of use out of them.

Making your gifts by hand, we believe, shows them that you cared enough to take the time and energy to be creative in your gift giving. Granted, younger children may want things they have seen on TV or that their friends have but if you start making gifts now and involve the kids in the making they will appreciate their own gifts more and feel great about themselves as they made their items all on their own (with a little help from their parents). They learn new skills, get quality time with their parents and have a great time doing it. Hand-made gifts are more treasured than store bought. Whether you make them something that is funny, ridiculous or warm and fuzzy we all appreciate the time they took and their creativity.
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