Upcoming Festivals and Events

BeadedBottlecapJewelry (1)There are quite a few upcoming Festivals and Events happening all over the place. We are vendors at the Primitive Arts Festival being held here at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park this month. We hope that we will sell our handcrafted items, of course, but it is mostly an opportunity to give out our business cards, talk to other crafters in the area and encourage more people to buy from us in the future. We would like to participate in the bigger festivals and events but they cost so much and most require that you apply months in advance. Basically, you have to attend lots of smaller events all through the year to finally build up enough sales and clients willing to spread the word about your products to their friends and family. We will be posting updates on the festivals and events we have been approved or are considering on our Latest Promos page. We hope you will keep checking that page, attend some of the events and come on by and meet us.

As you may have noticed we now have a new domain name for our site. It has taken some time to get everything moved over to the “New and Improved” servers our web hosting provider insisted would be better, faster and more reliable. So far, that is not really the case. We are still working on some things and greatly appreciate your patience. The site contents is all the same and we may have missed a link to a picture file or two. We will be working on getting everything all linked up and going in the correct direction over the next couple of months.

Finally, we will be creating a campaign to raise money for a mobile retail shop. If you have been to the Riverside Arts Market under the bridge in Jacksonville, Florida you may have seen the little vintage trailer being used as a shop called Sally Ann. We saw her trailer in one of the pictures on the RAM website when we were reading over their requirements to become vendors there. And she has an article written about her business and her little trailer she renovated herself http://www.thriftcore.com/2014/03/sally-anns-upcycled-business-inspiring.html It is a great article and we have been thinking about how we can do the same thing. It does get so tiring putting up a tent, tables, and all your items for a festival and then having to pack everything up again at the end. Wouldn’t it be great it you just have to pull into your spot, open the doors and start selling!

More on this later! Till next time and please come on out to Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs this Saturday.



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