Updated Website

Hey gang, we are in the process of updating the website and including information from other sources such as other websites, youtube vidoes, and even included a page called the SWC Store with items from Amazon that we believe you will find useful in your own crafting projects. Yes, that is another form of advertising and we will get a few pennies on everything you buy if you click on the links in our store but hey, that will only help us bring you more great content and pay for this little blog. We are not looking to become rich only to share with our readers some of the projects we have done, some how-to’s for yourself and then make a little money to support our own projects.

The SWC Store has lots of books, crafting supplies and videos for sale. We will be expanding the categories as we can but we are limited to only 540 products to list but once you have chosen something you will be taken to the secure servers at Amazon and you will have access to everything they offer. All processing of orders is through their website and they send out the products. We do not see any of your ordering information or payment information either. They only information we get is that someone bought something from their site by linking from our website. And after so many sales we will get a small commission.

So, please check out the store and HAPPY Crafting!