We are Going Ahead With Our Plans

Holiday House in RedWe are going ahead with our plans to purchase a replica of the 1960/61 Holiday House travel trailer. We have created a donation button (see our new button to the right side of our website) and a new page under our Latest Promos page. It is called simply, Holiday House Mobile Boutique, and we hope you will read through it, donate if you can, share it with all of your social media family and friends. It also helps us if you would “Like” or Facebook page and “Follow” on Twitter account. We have then on the right side of the website as well now. This page will be a “Work-in-Progress” as we will be adding new information, prize levels and reports from our crowd funding campaigns as well as the progress on our travel trailer with pictures and drawings when we get them.

We are looking at Indiegogo.com and Rockethub.com as our crowd-funding venue and will need our reader’s help spreading the word once we get those up and running. We may even use both of them as this is a big project and will take some time to put together. There is a kind of urgency as we wanted to have it completed and be able to use it by November 1st of this year. We will be on vacation from our volunteer workamping duties and can line up several venues during that month on our way to St. Augustine, Florida for the winter.

We did fairly well at the Wild Azalea Festival last month; sold some items, gave away some business cards and had some very nice comments about our items. We also gave away some of our SWC business cards along with either a set of Upcycled Bottlecap and Beaded Earrings or a Upcycled Bottlecap and Beaded Keychain charm that I created just for the Local Author Expo at the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend. I created about 100 sets of earrings and 75 keychain charms and attached them to our business card as a giveaway. I made them with the bottle caps I have collected over the last 2 years cleaning up around the state parks we have been volunteering at. Thought they would make an interesting item to go along with our book, “Insiders Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks” (See below). Now, we have gotten word on the grapevine that we have been approved as vendors for the Florida Folk Festival here at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center in White Springs, Florida Memorial Day weekend. I may just keep giving away the bottle cap and bead jewelry with our business cards for that event as well. We haven’t received the official welcome email yet so I haven’t changed our Latest Promos page with the information but I have created the event on our Facebook page.

We hope to see you there and please check out our latest page Holiday House Mobile Boutique. More later!

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