We Have More Stuff

We have been working our little fingers to the bone and have posted our creations to our main store at: http://jolenesbooksandmore.com . To reach a wider audience we have posted some of our creations to our ETSY store, ETSY charges $0.20 per item every 4 months to sell your goods. Both Yardsellr and Copius requires you to join to buy and sell on their website. They act as a kind of gatekeeper between buyers and sellers. But as with any online buying and selling situation you may have problems of one kind or another. They handle the money between buyers and sellers. And sellers do not get their money until the buyer has received their goods or some kind of proof it has been sent such as posting a postal tracking number. We have found that is the easiest way to handle things and we do get our money into our Paypal account fairly quickly.

Selling online is a pretty good deal for those who have a bit of computer savvy. Let’s face these days almost anyone who can read and send email, sign onto Facebook and post updates and pictures can handle most of the sellers websites out there. You DO NOT have to struggle with your own website (even though we have) while learning how to program your shopping cart and integrating payment modules. Etsy, Yardsellr and Copius seems to be the easiest selling websites with the lowest fees I have found. Far better than Ebay. As I said before Etsy charges sellers $.20 per item posted but has a great network of buyers and sellers all over the world. Their sellers education system is also pretty great. You get a lot for this small fee. They also have Etsy Ads that you can buy hits or impressions just like Google Ads but specifically within their community. You have specific categories when you add your things for sell so read their requirements before you post anything.

Yardsellr however doesn’t charge the sellers fee but passes them onto the buyers. They act as a gatekeeper between sellers and buyers. You can sell just about anything on their site. They have a seller’s help section which is okay but not as great as Etsy. They do require you to relist your items every 30 days which could get to be a little trying if you don’t sell your stuff right away. They integrate social media to sell and you really should have a Facebook, Twitter and PinIt accounts. If you don’t have any of these sites then you will probably not be able to use any of these online selling websites. Yardseller has what they call Photons which is discount points that are given as gifts before or after buying. They cut the buyer’s cost and goes toward the item price not the buyer fees or shipping. The bad thing is the Photons have a really short shelf life. Read their help section for more information.

Copius is strictly a social media selling website. They integrate Facebook, Twitter, PinIT and Tumblr social websites and they depend on the number of friends and followers you have. They do not charge sellers fees for posting but charge buyers. As a seller you can elect to pay the buyer’s fee which is a small percentage of your selling price. We usually choose to do this and just integrate that and the shipping price into our selling price. Or you can choose to post a shipping charge and have the buyers pay their own fees. Remember when you go looking for stuff to buy wouldn’t you gravitate more towards items that offer FREE shipping. You know that it is actually included within the selling price but it still draws the eye. And that my friends is what you are hoping for. You want as many people as possible to look at your items and not the other guy. One last thing about Copius, they only allow things from people’s closets. They cater to clothing, jewelry and accessories. If you make that sort of thing then by all means give them a try. As a matter of fact it will not hurt to try all three!

****UPDATE – COPIUS AND YARDSELLR are no longer in business**** 02/22/2015