When the Creative Mood Strikes

What do you do when the creative mood strikes you? If it is at an inconvenient time like when you have children or grandchildren running around wanting your attention then that is not a good time to have a creative mood unless it involves entertaining them. But if you do not have any distractions and you have a large block of time you can go “all in” and create as many things as you can until you run out of material or your body will not allow you to go any further. This past weekend was one of those times for me. I pulled out all of my bead and wire stuff and decided that I would make some earrings. I made post earrings and fishhook earrings using both silver and gold-toned wire. Almost 12 hours later I had 50 pairs of earrings made. The only reason I quit was because my right hand got so swollen from using the shaping pliers. My reasoning was that I had to take advantage of this quiet time before we get invaded by the grandchildren again and we needed to make up some for our crowd-funding campaign that we are doing for “Our Great Adventure – 2 Southern Women Hitting the Road” on Indiegogo.com. I made different kinds with pearls, swarovski crystals, glass beads, metal beads and in different kinds of colors.

If you are in the business of selling your crafts I don’t really recommend this approach. It is best to do some every day and then typing in the new products on your selling site(s) every day. That way you have something new posted every day and that might help you increase traffic to your site. If we were offering these on our website (http://jolenesbooksandmore.com) for sale we would have to take 3 or 4 different pictures of each piece, create a description for each one, type in the description on the website and then upload the photos, create descriptive tags, etc. for each piece. Now we usually like to offer the pieces on our main website and offer a smaller selection on one of the other FREE selling sites such as >strong>Etsy.com. These other sites gives us a broader audience to introduce our craft goods and is a great source of advertisement. Etsy and Yardsellr will allow you to put your main website in your descriptions and/or profiles while Copius will not. Yardsellr and Copius will not charge you to post your items as they charge the buyers a small fee on each transaction, while Etsy charges the $0.20 per item listing every 4 months. But for each item we do offer on any of these sites we still have to input the name, description, pricing, shipping info, upload the pictures and we usually include our item number from the main website to help with inventory control.

It is good to have a large inventory to offer your customers but just remember that just because you have finally gotten time to do the creative process doesn’t mean that it ends there. If you are wanting to sell your goods then you will need to have an inventory system in place, you will need to advertise your goods in some way, each item will have to be added separately, of course, and you will have to package them for easy shipment. For those who are just selling at flea markets and craft shows there are other considerations but you will still need to have some sort of inventory system and a distinctive packaging plan to attract people to your table and to bring them back for more.

Anyhow, getting into a creative mood is always a nice thing. And every once in a while you might want to just go a little crazy. Who knows you might get all your Christmas presents done in a weekend or have a very nice cushion of inventory for your next big sale.

******UPDATE*****YARDSELLR and COPIUS are NOW CLOSED******02/22/2015***************