Where to Get Crafting Materials

We all have our favorite places to shop. Some of those may be better at supplying certain materials than others. For instance, we usually go to our local Walmarts for yarn because our local store has a nice choice of our favorite sports yarn in a variety of colors. They still have a nice choice of fabrics and have a whole display of Fat Quarters for those who enjoy quilting. Be warned however, a lot of the Walmart stores have trimmed down the craft section to just one or two aisles and are looking to trim it more. When we want something more specific and need it right away we can go to Joann’s Fabrics. We have three of those stores in our area and we have signed up for their online newsletter so we get discount coupons all the time. We have even bought beading supplies and beads from a beading shop at the St.Augustine Flea Market off Highway 207. She has a variety of beads most of them are prestrung and arranged in colors but her prices are about similar to what is offered at Walmarts and JoAnns. This store is only opened Saturday and Sunday when the Flea Market is.

Mostly, I get my bead and wire supplies from Ebay, Etsy and some on Yardellr. If you don’t have any specific needs and don’t mind a 1 to 3 week shipping time you can get a nice variety of your favorites and in bulk for a better price. The opal catseye beads, crackle beads, swarovski crystals and the freshwater pearls we get from Ebay sellers. Since we have an Etsy store we usually try to buy from suppliers there as much as we can. There is not as much variety but you can get some good deals there if you shop around. We also have a Yardsellr account and have bought some of our materials from there as well. They also do not have as much variety yet but you can use your earned Photon Points for discounts.

Finally, we are adding links to crafting supplies stores online. We recently received a recommendation for a bead and supply store from one of the members on Linkedin.com from a member of the Handmade Jewelry Group for Beads that has wholesale beads and jewelry supplies. Linkedin is a great place for professionals to network with others in your area of expertise. Once you have created your profile you can start joining Groups that share information and network within specific communities like jewelry designers, quilters, and other handcrafting specialties. We have added the Beads.us to our Links section and will be adding more as we find them.