Working on Crafts in Small Spaces

Working on your crafts requires space as well as time. While we are traveling around the Florida in our RV we have had to more creative than usual about how, when and where we do them. My mom is the crochet person and she can sit on the little couch while watching TV and do her crocheting. The problem comes with storage of her supplies and the finished products after they are made. I make bead and wire jewelry I have to do on the bed in the back of the RV. Again, the challenge is where to store the supplies and my finished products. There is not a lot of room for three women, their clothes, food, and other stuff let along our crafting supplies. We have had to compromise on where we keep our things and are trying to develop good habits of putting everything back where it belongs when we are done for the day. We use a lot of hard, square plastic bins and boxes to store things. Our crafting materials are stored inside our RV while our finished products have to be stored inside our minivan.

When we started out on our adventure we were hoping to find a smaller, dependable, nice looking truck. But at the time we couldn’t find one that met our needs at the price we could afford. So, again we had to compromise, and we got a Town and County Minivan with the third seat taken out. This is a modern-day version of the old Station Wagon for us. We needed to keep everything with us while we traveled because we sell our handcrafted items on several online stores including ETSY, and even on Jolene’s eBooks and Crafts. When we sell anything all we have to do is pack it in a bubble envelope or small box, find the nearest post office and ship it. Now that we have a more dependable internet service we are able to keep up with our stores and update all our websites as we travel.

You may wonder why we have three online stores instead of just one. Well, when we started out we read about the ETSY online store community and they offered a great service for a small price. They charge $0.20 per item to list and you renew that every 4 months. They offer lots of articles, advice, apps, widgets, and advertisement options for their sellers. They handle the financial transactions between buyers and sellers and they are always up. Then we tried and that was FREE to list and you renewed your items every 30 days but they closed up shop earlier this year. We still us They are a FREE To List social media online store website. You and your buyers must have either a Facebook account and/or a Twitter account to sign-on. They do not have a lot of apps for sellers to share their online store items other than for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The only other way you can share your items is with a link to your Profile page. But they are up almost 100% of the time and don’t need you to relist your items either. Now our very own online website, Jolene’s eBooks and Craft Items, has suffered some ups and downs over the last 12 months. Mostly, due to my own bungling and wanting to change everything around. So, this one is slowly being rebuilt.

Anyway, where ever you do your crafts and whether you have lots of space or very little to do them in, store you supplies and finished products we do hope you will keep on doing them. We hope you will even share your ideas with us by going to our CONTACT US page and sending us your storage and crafting ideas.

BTW: Southern Women Crafts and Our Great Adventure – 3 Southern Women Hit the Road websites were featured on the RV Wheel Life website and the Women RVers Blog:

*****Updated 02/22/2105***** Yardsellr and Copius are both now out of business******