Yarn Project

My granddaughter and I have been working on a little Christmas decorations project with yarn and popsicle sticks. I made these in Sunday School when I was much younger and thought she would enjoy doing something with me. I had to look up the project on the web to remember how to make them. They are called God’s Eyes. I’m sure they are called something else but basically you mix and match different colored yarns to create interesting patterns.  We got a package of popsicle sticks from the Dollar Store with about 50 sticks for a $1 and used some of the left over yarn from my mom’s scarf projects.  A variation to the project would be to use different kinds of thread such as embroidery floss, hemp and anything else you can find as string.

Different colored yarn in various lengths
Even number of Popsicle Sticks
Crafting Glue

You begin by gluing 2 popsicle sticks together in the middle creating a centered cross. We glued together about 1 dozen crosses for our project. Once the glue has dried you take a piece of yarn and tie it with a knot next to the center of one of the spokes. Then you wrap the yarn once around that post going over the top and around. Hold the piece in the middle with your thumb. Turn the spokes around to the next one and wrap around once. Turn the piece and repeat. You will want to have yarn about 24 to 36 inches long or so of different colors and tie them together. This is what creates the interesting eye pattern. You circle around the piece until you reach the end of the spokes. Then tie the yarn in a double knot. If you want to hang the piece up you can leave a trailing piece of yarn after the knot to hang on a tree branch or as part of a mobile. There are no hard and fast rules about the yarn type or colors or even their lengths. You can even use variegated yarn for the whole thing or just part of it.