What We Do

We here at the Southern Women Crafts website/blog would like to share with our subscribers our projects, products and ideas for new products or projects as well as give our readers tips and tricks we have discovered for selling our handcrafted items. We have been created handcrafted goods for a great number of years for family and friends and have decided to make a little money in the process. My mother makes the crocheted items that we have for sale on our online store. I like to make jewelry and sew various items as the mood strikes me. You can see some of these products by going to our online stores:

Our Etsy Store
Our Handmade Artist Store
Our SquareUp Marketplace Store
Our Handmade Amazon Store

Our prices reasonable, our items are colorful and unique and all of our products are made with hypoallergenic materials. We also want our crocheted items to be machine wash/dryable to make it easier on our customers. Nothing worse than buying something and have to take special care with getting it cleaned.

As often as possible we will be posting informative articles about making crafts, suggestions of some of the best places to get materials to make your own crafts, and our own pictures and information on our new products we will be making available to our customers as well as things we have learned and places that may help you with your own handcrafting business.

Making money from your crafts is a great thing but can be extremely difficult to get started. Over the last 48 months or so we have tried various ways to earn money from our handcrafted items. We are keeping track of our efforts and hope you will learn something new from our experiences. Good Luck and keep in touch. We love to hear from our fellow crafters!