Mobile Shop Fundraiser Update

Back of T-Shirt
Back of T-Shirt
Mobile Shop Fundraiser First Update. We have been going for about a week now and have sold 1 Hoodie so far. On our campaign page you also have the option of just donating money towards our goal:

You can visit our informational page on this website about the campaign by clicking HERE
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Vintage Trailer Short Term Campaign

bonfiretshirtfrontSince we really need a mobile retail shop to house our vast supply of handcrafted items we have created over the last couple of years we are going to run a T-Shirt Campaign to get some initial funding to buy a used vintage trailer and convert it to a mobile retail shop to use while we are gathering the funding for our brand new replica 1961 Holiday House Travel Trailer Mobile Retail Shop. Once we purchase the vintage travel trailer, remake it into a mobile store and use it a few months we may be able to offer it as a reward for our main campaign or even rent it out for local craft businesses in North Florida and Southern Georgia to use at their own craft vending opportunities.
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New Custom Order Items

hoodedscarves060416-2We have gotten some requests for Made to Order items from some of our viewers of our Amazon Handmade Online Store and thought we would go ahead and create more custom order items on all of our online stores including our blog page here. You may notice that we have a new menu item above called Custom Made by SWC. We have been working all day adding several different types of hand crocheted items that we thought might be nice for our readers to read over and possibly buy something from us or at least share the listings we their family and friends. 😉
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Fall Festivals and Crafting Events

BeadedAnkets081516 (1)Fall Festivals and Crafting Events are coming and you really need to get online and check out some of them. As a professional crafter you and I will need to plan ahead for any events we may want to attend as there are almost always applications to fill out, fees to pay in advance, inventory of our items to keep track of and marketing materials to gather. Of course, you will also want to get started on posting the events on your website and social media pages so that your fans and customers will know where you will be and when.
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Summer Best To Make Crafts

BottleCapBeadEarrings (6)Summer is absolutely the best time to make crafts. Not only is it too hot out there in our Florida sun to try and participate in outdoor craft vending opportunities there isn’t all that many out there to participate in. Granted, there is the Florida Folk Festival during Memorial Day Weekend, the Blueberry Festivals in June, Independence Day Celebration festivals all over the state in July but August is mostly a bust anyway. Our craft selling opportunities don’t really get going until about the end of September or the beginning of October. Then it is hot and heavy until just before Christmas.
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