Do You Need Money

Do You Need Money for your craft projects, to get a craft store or website started or need money for materials that you are using for a special project of some kind? We have found a new “Crowdfunding” website called GoGetFunding. This is an open-community funding resource for people like us who don’t have corporate backers or special interest groups from all across the world. You can help other people by making donations and/or people can donate to your project. This group is setup to accept donations through a verified PAYPAL account after you have created a project page, uploaded some pictures and a promotional video. Continue reading “Do You Need Money”

A Word About Craftshows

We have tried selling our hand crafted goods at Flea Markets and even at our own Yardsales on weekends and we have had a little bit of success but we are continually being told we need to try one of the craft fairs that are being held every month somewhere near us. There are some major organizers of craft fairs all over the place. In Florida, we have the Bucklers Craft Fair Organizers who organize a major crafts show in all the major cities throughout the year. They require an application fee and for each of the shows you have to pay a booth fee around $200 or more per weekend. In the meantime you will also need your own tables, table cloths, lighting and the ability to accept credit cards. Continue reading “A Word About Craftshows”

A Word About Flea Markets

We have tried out the local flea markets to get our craft products out in the public and increase our customer base. Flea Markets are an inexpensive way to perfect your showcasing skills. You want to present your project in a pleasing way and with selling anything you want your customers to stop and browse. If nothing else you want them to take a business card with them so that they will visit your online store or physical location (If you have one). Before considering one of your local flea markets you want to visit it during regular visiting hours as a potential customer to get a feel for some of the merchandise that is being offered. Continue reading “A Word About Flea Markets”